10 do’s and don’ts when buying energy efficient kit

Manufacturers have made great strides when it comes to improving the efficiency of catering equipment and most serious chain operators now understand the benefits of investing in more environmentally-sustainable kit. With that in mind, we asked more than 20 suppliers to give us their top ‘do’s and don’ts’ to when sourcing energy efficient equipment.

1) DO look for reputable brands

With many catering equipment manufacturers boasting energy saving options, buyers should look to the brands they trust. Reliability and back-up service still feature heavily in the lifetime running costs of a machine.

2) DON’T buy a product solely on price

Factor in lifetime running costs and maintenance costs as well as capital costs.

3) DO verify figures wherever possible

It is important to remember that figures might be based on empty cycling (i.e. no food product was used in the appliance at the time of the tests). Check the energy verification that the manufacturer is claiming in order to make a judgement on whether it is from a trusted and reputable independent source.

4) DON’T be afraid to seek more clarity

Manufacturers that offer genuinely efficient equipment should be able to answer any questions you have about the product.

5) DO seek testimonials

Contact similar businesses for feedback and recommendations on the energy efficiency of the products they have purchased. Getting the opinion of a current user can give you a realistic picture of what the equipment can
do, but more importantly what it can’t!

6) DON’T skim over the small print

Check the finer details of the sales agreement. Some data claims will be dependent on operation in ideal conditions, which could require additional capital expenditure or may not ever be achievable.

7) DO consider additional energy costs

Remember to factor in extra energy costs, such as extraction and ventilation.

8) DON’T be afraid to ask for a trial

Where practical, a good manufacturer may be open to trialling its products. The exceptional manufacturers will have machines that can demonstrate the efficiencies made in that trial period because of the software they employ.

9) DO look at the bigger picture

Make sure the product actually meets your operational needs and capacity.

10) DON’T be scared of shopping around

Resistance to change is one of the biggest barriers to progress. Make sure you have considered all your options before making your choice of supplier.



  1. Nic Banner said:

    Agree 100% with all of the above. A reputable company will be able to offer all of the above especially a no obligation trial period.

  2. Maria McNevin said:

    An Adande has patented ‘Hold the Cold’ technology, and even with the drawer open temperature remains stable!
    Some of the Benefits are Obvious
    The food stays at the temperature that it is meant to be kept at, giving more consistent serving and cooking results and increased storage life.
    The risk of bacterial attack is significantly reduced. See food safety reports on our website.
    Less cold air needs to be replaced, giving lower energy bills, cooler kitchens, longer lasting fridge motors, compressors and so on.



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