A-Z of top catering equipment stands (A-G)

Adande drawers tick all the boxesAdande

Adande’s insulated drawer container with low velocity cooling is likely to interest foodservice operators that are looking for a reliable and energy efficient refrigeration solution to serve as the backbone of their kitchen. Extended storage times and precise temperature control ensures top-quality food every time, according to the Lowestoft-based manufacturer. One of its latest innovations is the shallow drawer, which together with a blast chill drawer underneath offers a three-in-one solution to cook (on the load-bearing worktop), blast-chill and hold contents. Additionally, its saladettes provide counter convenience for dispensing ingredients for pizzas, salads and garnishes. Cooling for each saladette unit comes directly from the refrigeration circuit feeding the ‘host’ drawer on which the saladette is fitted.

STAND 4301

Aqua CureAqua Cure keeps key cooking kit free from corrosion

Aqua Cure will be focusing on Pentair Everpure’s range of water filtration for a wide selection of foodservice equipment, including combi ovens, ice machines, chilled and hot drink dispense units, coffee machines and warewashers. Of particular interest at the show will be Pentair Everpure’s new range of Claris Prime filters, which protect equipment from scale and mineral induced corrosion. The system provides high capacity multi-stage filtration technology in one compact filter cartridge and also allows the level of treatment to be finely adjusted for applications such as hot drinks machines, ice machines and combi steamers, which are all sensitive to water hardness levels.

STAND 1234

BGL Rieber beefs up equipment portfolioBGL Rieber

BGL Rieber is showcasing a series of new products, including the Varithek ACS single module front cooking station with built-in ventilation and the latest array of Rieber banquet trolleys with adjustable humidity, for both plated and bulk service. It will also unveil an updated version of the K-POT electric chafing dish and Thermoplate teppanyaki cookware.

STAND 3750

CarpigianiCarpigiani in ice cream scoop

Carpigiani is set to launch a number of new ice cream-making appliances at Hotelympia including Carpigiani Ready. This is an entry-level unit with the ability to heat, cool and freeze in one. The show will also see the UK roll-out of the XVL1 countertop soft serve ice cream unit. Other new products launching at Hotelympia include the Pastomaster HE, offering energy saving and greater sustainability to those producing large quantities of mix, and the new-look Carpigiani 153 countertop pump machine. A full schedule of demonstrations, sessions and seminars will take place on the Ali Group brand’s stand throughout the show.

STAND 4010

CCS rolls out the Alfresco KitchenCCS

Continental Chef Supplies (CCS) recently rolled out an ‘Alfresco Kitchen’ concept and visitors will be able to see this in all its glory at the event. Alfresco Kitchen combines hand-picked ranges of exclusive new products and highlights the growing trend of taking the inside outdoors. Some of the products that make up the initiative include Alfa Pizza pizza ovens with built-in extraction, Imagilights lighting and Urban Cultivator, an indoor garden that can grow organic vegetables, herbs and micro-greens in any kitchen at any time of year. CCS, which is part of the Bunzl group, will also be exhibiting its latest front-of-house tableware products at the show.

STAND 2930

CEDACEDA highlights value of its members

The Catering Equipment Distributors Association (CEDA) is taking a prominent stand at Hotelympia to showcase members’ broad service ranges from foodservice kitchen and front-of-house design to equipment specification and installation right through to training and service. Visitors to its booth will be able to speak with the association about the value that its distributor members offer, which span from impartially recommending single pieces of equipment to complete refurbishments and new-build projects.

STAND 4163

Charvet outlines heavy duty rangesCharvet

Charvet’s new ONE series offers a high quality, heavy duty proposition for restaurants and chain operators. Suited to making island, wall or peninsular suites, or to use as a standalone range, it is stripped down to reduce cost but still provides heavy duty, high power cooking. The line also features built-in connecting strips for quick and simple installation. The firm will also display its updated Pro900 series.

STAND 4301

Checkit demos food safety solutionsCheckit

Cambridge-based technology company Checkit will be launching an update of its Automated Monitoring system, as well as introducing a new Work Management solution to visitors at this year’s Hotelympia. Both products dramatically improve the way that food businesses manage compliance and employee productivity, with routine tasks guided and actioned in real time. Checklists can be standardised across multiple sites, procedures are always consistent and staff are more productive due the ease of use of the system. Additionally, records are trusted and visible at all times and, most importantly, audit ratings and reputations are protected.

STAND 1710


ClasseqClasseq cleans up with new lines

Warewashing manufacturer Classeq will be shining a light on select lines from its portfolio, including the CST130, which can clean up to 2,340 plates an hour, and the Eco and Duo ranges of front-loading commercial glasswashers. Classeq is also the exclusive UK distributor of Eau de Vie sustainable water systems and Ice-O-Matic machines, both of which will be exhibited at the show. One of the models that operators will be able to see firsthand is the ICEU66,
a commercial cube ice maker capable of producing 39kg per day.

STAND 3540

Compactors Direct wins war on wasteCompactors Direct

Waste management supplier Compactors Direct will be presenting the Power Knot liquid food composter at Hotelympia. The company is the sole UK distributor of the LFC, which is a fully-enclosed automatic food digesting machine that turns most food waste into grey water within 24 hours. The LFC can digest both raw and cooked food waste including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, bread, rice and noodles. The only output is water which is suitable for disposal down a grey water drain. The LFC employs and accelerates a series of processes in which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. This acceleration is achieved with the unit’s patented mixture of naturally-occurring microbes and enzymes as well as the optimisation of aeration, moisture and temperature levels within the LFC.

STAND 3136

Induction the focus for CuisinequipCuisinequip

Cuisinequip will present foodservice operators with a rundown of the latest induction equipment at Hotelympia. Part of this will include the recently-introduced induction technology systems from German manufacturer Berner. Its induction griddles and salamanders offer fast heating and precise control for frying and grilling, while the Berner Kombi-Star induction cooking hob gives chefs control and versatility. Additionally, Cuisinequip, which is on a stand with sister company Valentine, will display a selection of high quality induction cookware from Spanish manufacturer Pujadas and select foodservice equipment from Sweden’s Stayhot.

STAND 4230

Exclusive RangesExclusive Ranges to showcase its portfolio at Hotelympia

Exclusive Ranges is best known for its bespoke cooking ranges, but Hotelympia will give the company an opportunity to show the latest equipment from its ‘Plug & Play’ collection, including the Hugentobler Hold-o-mat, Salvis salamander grills and Menu System’s SINA range of compact induction hobs. The Swiss-based SINA compact hob is an award-winning single plate capable of delivering 3kW of power in seconds from a compact footprint. It also allows precise control of the heat at all times due to patented SLIDECONTROL technology and automatic pan recognition.

STAND 3550

Falcon swoops on cooking marketFalcon

The Falcon stand at Hotelympia marks an opportunity for the industry to get up close and personal with the brand new F900 Series. The F900 represents the first major launch from UK manufacturer Falcon in nearly 20 years and, according to the company, it is the first British-built series in a category of cooking appliances that has historically been dominated by European manufacturers. The F900 is a comprehensive range of 900mm deep professional cooking appliances, including chargrills, griddles, fryers, induction, pasta cookers, bratt pans, boil pans, boiling tops, rise and fall grills and oven ranges. One of the most significant features of the F900 is a ‘Dynamic Link System’, which joins the appliances together to provide the versatility of a modular system with the looks and hygienic benefits of a one-piece top at a highly competitive price.

STAND 3530

First ChoiceFirst Choice comes to the rescue

First Choice will be discussing the merits of its ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to the supply of spare parts and ancillaries for commercial catering and refrigeration equipment. On display will be products from some of its international partners, including Brita water treatment systems, T&S pre-rinse units and the Enviropure food waste management system. The Enviropure system, which is exclusive to First Choice in the UK and boasts some huge global customers, provides accelerated food waste decomposition and elimination of food waste on site at the source. EnviroPure’s equipment works through a combination of continuous mechanical processing of the food waste, tightly controlled environmental conditions to maintain aerobic decomposition and hyper-acceleration of the decomposition process through the use of BioMix additive.

STAND 3234

Frima flies flag for multifunctional appliancesFrima

Frima will be demonstrating the efficiency of its 211+ VarioCooking Center Multificiency, a modern, multifunctional cooking appliance that can replace kettles, large pots, bratt pans, fryers and griddles. The brand insists that operators can save more than 30% of their kitchen space by installing the device, which is purportedly four times faster than conventional cooking appliances. Pans can get from 0°C to 200°C in two-and-a-half minutes and for even speedier cooking the 211+ has a pressure cooking feature that can cut cooking times for products such as casseroles, soups and stocks by 50% or more. Frima’s VarioBoost heating system ensures that heat is transferred evenly all over the pan bases, completely eliminating any hot spots.

STAND 3471

bastide de capelongueGrande Cuisine displays Gallic flair

Grande Cuisine will be demonstrating its expertise in creating a truly exceptional cooking environment at Hotelympia. Among the product ranges on show at the company’s stand will be the entire collection from induction specialist Adventys, alongside the modular Capic range which will include the new plasma heat bratt pan, the Capitop bratt and boiling pan unit and a selection of 700, 800 and 900 series modular equipment. The supplier will also be highlighting the Athanor range of crafted bespoke cooking suites, including the Plaque Athanor, for either classical pan-style or direct plancha-style cooking, plus induction equipment, ovens and warming drawers.

STAND 4050




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