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Operators told they are being judged on their tech as much as their kitchen output

Operators told they are being judged on their tech as much as their kitchen output

Over half of diners claim they judge a restaurant based on its use of technology, according to a recent nationwide survey conducted by Flyt, the universal integration platform for the hospitality industry.  A notable 58% of those surveyed stated their perception of a restaurant improves if it makes good use of technology, with one in

Sharp decline in industry job numbers sends alarm bells ringing

The UK’s hospitality sector is at risk of backsliding and undoing 10 years of progress as a result of financial pressures, industry trade body UKHospitality warned yesterday. Bosses at the organisation have advised the government that taxation and regulatory pressures risk the good work and job creation carried out by the hospitality sector since 2008.

Restaurant restructuring signifies ‘period of adjustment’ for market that’s only known growth

It might feel like an unprecedented amount of restaurants have closed their doors since the turn of the year – but the market is merely encountering a “period of adjustment” following a prolonged phase of growth, it has been claimed.  According to peer-to-peer secured lending specialist Lendy, the number of restaurants in England has increased

Restaurant industry stands to lose £1 billion from changes in diner eating habits

The UK’s foodservice industry could lose the best part of £1 billion as a result of millennial dinners turning their backs on their eating out. The NPD Group is predicting a decrease in out-of-home (OOH) visits by consumers aged 25-to-34 between now and 2022. An industry report from the organisation stated that OOH visits in

11,000 restaurants could struggle to pay next rent cheque, new research claims

Subdued consumer spending and fierce promotional activity in the UK restaurant industry could prevent some restaurant owners from affording commercial rent payments due on 25 March – the sector’s upcoming ‘Quarter Day’. According to analysis of Begbies Traynor’s Red Flag Alert data, which monitors the financial health of UK companies, the number of UK restaurants experiencing ‘Significant’

TV chefs turn viewers into dirty cooks with bad kitchen habits

Celebrity chefs have the power to turn TV viewers into dirty and unhygienic cooks by inadvertently transferring their bad habits, a study has found. Viewers pick up basic hygiene errors including wiping hands on tea towels, not washing chopping boards between preparing different foods, using finger tips to sprinkle salt or pepper and not washing hands