Angelo Po powers latest Sat Bains restaurant venture

Leading UK chef Sat Bains will today open his latest dining concept, Nucleus, in the existing grounds of his Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms property in Nottingham.

Nucleus will be a ‘restaurant within a restaurant’ and a totally exclusive, self-contained, six-seat dining experience with its own private access, separate to the main dining facilities.

The kitchen at the venue is a collaboration between Sat and the Advance Group. The relatively small footprint of the working area incorporates a perfect fit-for-purpose cooking space, which includes an Angelo Po monolithe island suite complete with energy efficient contact heaters.

Nucleus will offer a seasonal seven-course lunch menu costing £85 and a 10-course dinner menu costing £125. The tasting menus will feature exclusive Nucleus dishes with occasional highlights from the main restaurant menus.

Bains stated: “I have always endeavoured to bring a true taste of what it is to eat here in the East Midlands — to give people a sense of place. To this end the restaurant has become like one giant jigsaw puzzle. So many pieces make up the bigger picture and with Nucleus, we hope to give our guests another dimension in our journey of taste, texture, temperature.”

Nucleus is the culmination in the recent ongoing evolvement at Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms and its grounds. It is promising to provide the “ultimate Sat Bains experience” by giving guests one-on-one exclusive access to the restaurant’s creative team as they cook and plate dishes from the dedicated kitchen.




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