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VOX POP: Where’s the industry heading when it comes to green kitchens?

VOX POP: Where’s the industry heading when it comes to green kitchens?

The concept and fruition of ‘green kitchens’ is poised to grow at an ever-increasing rate as awareness of sustainability and its importance plays a far greater role within the foodservice environment. We got in touch with a number of the leading suppliers to pose the following question: When you think of the term ‘green kitchens’,

‘Real time’ digital feedback influences menu innovation at The Restaurant Group

‘Real time’ comments from customers using a dedicated smartphone app will provide The Restaurant Group (TRG) with a means to drive menu innovation, the company has revealed. It has rolled out a ‘guest-feedback’ app that is designed to allow it to better understand and respond to customer needs. The feedback is being used to drive

Marston’s is first pub chain to serve up ‘bleeding’ meatless burger

Marston’s is to become the first national pub chain to sell the UK’s first meatless ‘bleeding’ burger following a shake-up of it menu aimed at tapping into vegetarian and flexitarian diets. The ‘B12’ burger, which has been developed by Chiswick-based Moving Mountains, “sizzles, smells, tastes and bleeds like meat” but is completely plant-based. The new

EXCLUSIVE: Lack of planning forces buyers into impulse equipment purchases, says top caterer

A failure to properly plan ahead is preventing companies from taking advantage of the latest energy efficient catering equipment and instead forcing them into impulse purchases, it has been suggested by one of the country’s biggest caterers. Yesterday we revealed how 50% of operators blame cost as one of the main reasons for not buying