Bonnet bets big on Caribbean cruise

Hobart Cooking Solutions is touting its Bonnet charbroiler as the answer for operators that want to cash in on the craze for Caribbean cuisine.

Research from online restaurant reservations website recently revealed that Caribbean cuisine is the food that British diners would most like to see better represented in the UK.

With Caribbean cuisine earmarked as a potential new trend, Hobart claims its Bonnet Charbroiler makes an ideal addition to any commercial kitchen.

The stainless steel unit is capable of perfectly char-grilling a whole host of popular Caribbean food from pineapple and vegetables to meat and fish, giving caterers plenty of scope to add a new flavour to their menus.

The company claims the charbroiler is one of its best-selling pieces of equipment into casual dining operations and it hopes that consumer appetite for more exotic food types will lead to further adoption of the kit.

Paul Godfrey, product manager at Hobart Cooking Solutions, said: “Caribbean cuisine has been bubbling away under the surface for some time and is now beginning to boil over into the mainstream as its combination of spice rubs and marinades make it an appealing choice for today’s ever-adventurous taste buds.”

He claims the quality of the charbroiler will deliver the “authenticity” that operators need to deliver a true Carribean menu and boost their appeal and profitability.




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