British invention cleans up for Regale Microwaves

Regale Microwaves is one of the longest-serving commercial microwave specialists in the UK market, playing an instrumental role in the supply of some of the most prestigious and reliable brand names over its three decades in business.

One of the biggest turning points for the company came eight years ago when directors Pat Bray and fellow director Barry Clark launched a removable liner to go inside the microwave after realising that most of the major problems experienced by operators were in fact due to the lack of correct cleaning procedures.

They discovered it takes approximately 20 minutes to correctly clean a microwave and remove all the splashes and spills from the roof, back, sides and base, and if not thoroughly cleaned the microwave’s ceiling plate will eventually arc and spark or the base plate will crack making the microwave oven un-useable. Furthermore, these parts are not normally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, landing the owner with a potential repair bill.

Their Cavity Protection System, which can be pot washed and put back in the microwave in less than two minutes. It also helps stop downtime, costly repair bills and is great value for money as the liner costs less than the cost of an engineer calling and fitting a new ceiling or base plate.

The product has won plenty of plaudits, with a number of accolades coming during the last 12 months, including innovation awards presented by BAE Systems and Johnson Press (Southern).

More recently, the Microsave liner achieved the grade required for acceptance by the Craft Guild of Chefs as an ‘approved product’ in its highly recognised Product Endorsement Scheme. Pat Bray said: “We have many years of expertise in microwave ovens and see the regularity of breakdowns caused by thorough cleaning procedures not being adhered to. The Microsave has been well received by the industry for many years and to have the endorsement of the Craft Guild of Chefs makes us very proud indeed.”




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