Carpigiani offers bonus addition to soft serve machines

Carpigiani today announced a series of key changes and upgrades to its complete soft serve range of machines, including its popular 193, XVL and EVD models.

The manufacturer confirmed the units will now include unique built-in agitation, an updated control panel and complete integration with Teorema, its remote monitoring software.

The built-in agitators will allow operators to produce frozen yoghurt and soft serve ice cream from the same machine.

Fitted as standard, the feature is able to agitate the product, helping to keep the mix at a more consistent temperature and allowing for constant stirring of the product, which is especially important with yogurt bases to avoid separation and thickening.

“The introduction of the agitator within the chamber of all models means caterers can effectively create two products in one, space-saving appliance,” said Scott Duncan, sales director at Carpigiani UK. “We are proud to be the only manufacturer to offer this feature as standard across all of our soft serve ice cream range.”

Carpigiani has also updated the control panels of its soft serve machines, with individual command buttons introduced for each function to make it more user-friendly. Clear wording and messages are now displayed, including ‘do not serve’ while freezing or ‘ready’ when the machine is ready to dispense ice cream.

Additionally, all models now feature a built-in defrost system which speeds up the cleaning process. A rear chimney exhaust system across the range gives operators the choice of placing machines side by side with other equipment, ideal for vendors with compact kitchens and kiosks where space is at a premium.




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