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Snowflake GII cabinet

First Hoshizaki Snowflake GII Freezer takes up residence at Japanese Embassy

First Hoshizaki Snowflake GII Freezer takes up residence at Japanese Embassy

Hoshizaki UK’s first Snowflake GII Freezer has been installed at the Japanese Embassy in London after the embassy’s catering team specified a need for energy efficient and durable equipment. The Embassy took delivery of the new Hoshizaki model at its Mayfair address earlier this week, further strengthening its relationship with the Japanese-owned manufacturer.. The Snowflake

Hoshizaki stand at Casual Dining Show 2017

Hoshizaki expands range of budget refrigeration for caterers

Hoshizaki has announced availability of the Snowflake GII, a new line of affordable refrigeration equipment for budget-conscious caterers. A prototype of the equipment, which is a second generation range of its popular Gram Snowflake line, was first spotted by FEJ at the Great Hospitality Show earlier this year. Hoshizaki bosses said the emphasis of the

Wooden texture

‘Wooden’ refrigeration could be this year’s surprise kitchen hit

With operators becoming choosier over the look and feel of their refrigeration – particularly if it is displayed front-of-house – manufacturer Precision is rolling out a cabinet with a wooden finish. The company has revealed that its latest bottle coolers will get the wood treatment in a bid to achieve the warm rustic, designer look

Ecostore HP refrigerated counters

Electrolux lays claim to most efficient refrigerated counters on the market

Electrolux Professional believes it has created the most efficient range of refrigerated counters on the market.  The ecostoreHP range of refrigerated counters, which was unveiled this week, raises the bar on refrigeration convenience, efficiency and storage capacity, according to the company. Crucially, the new under-counter solution features the unique combination of both the highest climate class (5)

Blizzard Premium range

Blizzard takes on high-end brands with A and B rated refrigeration

Pentland Wholesale has expanded its range of catering equipment with the launch of the Blizzard Premium line of refrigerators and freezers. The launch caps three years of design work that the business has undertaken following the recent implementation of the Ecodesign directive, which sees commercial refrigeration equipment receive an energy rating. As a result it

Foster Refrigerator website

Foster Refrigerator re-dresses online shop window

Foster Refrigerator has re-launched its customer-facing website to provide partners with a portal of information to assist and inform end-user customers. The new site has been developed to offer dealers a user-friendly platform where information is readily available and easily accessible. The website has been designed to have a much fresher look and feel which

Salvagnini plant at Williams Refrigeration

Williams spends £1.5m on new equipment for refrigeration factory

Williams Refrigeration has installed some of the latest manufacturing equipment at its factory in Norfolk as part of a £1.5m project aimed at bringing its facilities up to date. The latest in metal processing technology from Salvagnini has been installed at its Kings Lynn site, which it believes will lead to greater automation and overall

Blizzard refrigeration

Blizzard doubles warranty length on all refrigeration equipment

Blizzard is offering improved support to customers that purchase its refrigeration equipment by doubling its warranty cover. The brand, which is supplied to the UK market through Pentland Wholesale, will now provide two-year on-site cover across its refrigeration, instead of the one year that it has previously offered. Marketing manager Suwen He told FEJ that

Precsion refrigeration at Franco Manca

Refrigeration regs won’t be reversed because of Brexit, insist experts

The introduction of EU-led energy regulations on refrigeration equipment won’t just go out of the window because Britain is negotiating its exit from the European Union, industry experts have said.  The fact that Britain is poised to leave the EU within the next 18 months means that, in theory at least, minimum energy performance standards

Polar Refrigeration

Polar makes its fridges more efficient without hiking famed low prices

Refrigeration brand Polar, which offers some of the lowest priced commercial refrigeration equipment on the market, says new customers are getting the benefit of vastly more efficient units following improvements in the materials it uses. All components in Polar fridges have been reviewed following the introduction of Minimum Energy Performance Standards earlier this year, with