Catering equipment pair unite to create ‘foodservice profit pod’

Refrigeration brand Adande has teamed up with catering equipment provider Gamble Retail Solutions to offer a range of hot food workstations.

Designed as integrated solutions for the storage, cooking and service of hot food to go, the units are suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores, forecourt outlets, quick service restaurants, sports’ stadia, the leisure sector and any environment where there is a requirement for the fast service of quality hot food.

The units, described by the duo as a “foodservice profit pod” have a compact footprint of just 1100mm (w) by 700mm (d), making them ideal for operations with limited floor space.

The cost of the workstation is less than £13,750, meaning that a complete 3 m x 3 m foodservice station, including shop fitting, can be put together for less than £18,000.

Based on profits of just £35 per day, payback on the investment is achieved in less than 18 months, according to the companies. Further profit opportunities are available by adding associated foodservice equipment, such as hot drink machines and chilled food displays, especially in high traffic areas.

Typically, the workstations comprise a Gamble Ovention Matchbox 1313 oven, mounted on an Adande two drawer refrigerator.

Scott Taylor, business development manager of Gamble Retail Solutions, stated: “The combination of the Adande drawer unit and our Ovention Matchbox oven, provides an ideal foodservice solution for fast food operators, allowing them to deliver an all day hot food offer of the highest quality. The workstations occupy a limited footprint, require a relatively small capital outlay with minimal running costs and can be operated by unskilled operatives, creating very attractive profit opportunities in a wide variety of foodservice environments.”

Adande says that the ability to set the temperature of the drawers, through a range from +15oC to -22oC at the push of button, provides storage versatility, allowing operators hold chilled or frozen food to meet changes in demand and menu.

The Ovention Matchbox 1313 oven, meanwhile, uses precision impingement technology, delivering over twice the volume of hot air and better air concentration than conventional conveyor ovens for speed and cooked food quality. The oven features two cooking surfaces, which load at the tap of a touchpad, allowing the preloading of one batch, while the other is cooking.

Food is cooked in a closed cavity with multiple catalytic converters, breaking down grease into moist hot air, which is used in the cooking process for improved quality and healthier food. The catalytic converters also clean the oven’s exhaust air, eliminating the need for extraction hoods.




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