CaterSave Europe launches kit to conquer food waste

CaterSave Europe has launched a new food waste processor, designed to reduce food disposal costs as well as help organisations reduce their carbon footprint.

The initiative is the first of its kind from the Kent-based outfit, which is best known for its range of glass and cutlery polishers.

The company claims that businesses which use the food waste processor can reduce their waste mass by up to 90%. Currently in the UK, 15 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year, according to Love Food Hate Waste.

Operators load the food waste, including bones, into the processor and the contents are then crushed. The food is turned and heated to release the moisture in the food waste which is then expelled through drainage systems as pure water.

The remaining biomass can then either be deposited into bins or can be used in a biomass burner. CaterSave says that as an “added bonus” the biomass can be stored inside until collection day or users can of course use it as compost or send it to an anaerobic digester to produce heat and electricity.CaterSave Europe food waste processor

“By utilising our new food waste processor, companies are saving huge amounts of money as well as improving their carbon footprint,” says CaterSave Europe’s owner Richard Bradley. “This product will revolutionise the way organisations deal with food waste and will hopefully pave the way for change.”

CaterSave claims the device complies with new legislation around food waste in Scotland as well as anticipated changes to regulations in England as it dewaters food waste at source and stores the solid material for collection.




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