Charvet moots ‘service charter’, secures Bella Italia deal

High end cooking suite manufacturer Charvet is exploring the possibility of providing a ‘log book’ to help customers keep abreast of the maintenance procedures that will extend the working lifetime of its suites.

Although its products are widely renowned for their durability and build quality, they still have to be properly serviced like any other piece of equipment.

In order to assist operators with this process, the company is devising what it is calling the ‘Charvet Charter’.

“What it means is that we will be putting the equivalent of a car log book with every range,” explains managing director Wayne Cuomo. “It will contain each appliance along with the correct servicing procedure and we will be talking to our dealers to become approved Charvet service agents.”

Cuomo admits he is surprised that such a tool is not already a standard feature of the market or been forced upon the catering industry by insurance companies. As he notes, it is quite possible for an operator to buy a cooking suite and never have it serviced or maintained, and yet in the event of a fire the insurance would still pay out.

Launching the charter is something that Cuomo intends to do sooner rather than later.

“It will be developed pretty quickly, certainly by the middle of next year, and it is something that Pierre-Alain Augagneur [Charvet president] and I have been discussing. We firmly believe it is the way to go and will help operators to keep a record of maintenance.”

Meanwhile, the brand hopes the launch of its Charvet One series will help it build ties with restaurant chains that have previously considered its products outside their price range.

The fully modular range of 800mm equipment has been designed for groups that need a short-term investment return but who still require powerful, robust and reliable equipment for a wide menu choice.

Through one of its dealer partners it recently installed a new concept range with Bella Italia up in Dudley.

Cuomo says that Bella Italia opted for its equipment due to its consistency and design. “They are also very busy so they are looking for the power that perhaps they haven’t had, and indeed the flexibility as the menu might develop. We provided an 800 series in Dudley because at the time it was designed we hadn’t quite launched the Charvet One. But with the way things will move, the reality is that they will probably go with the Charvet One and we are having further ongoing discussions.”




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