Chef reveals formula for the holy grail of burgers

Fast food chains have been battling to develop the ultimate burger recipe for years, but now an Oxford University researcher claims he has come up with a formula that solves the debate once and for all.

According to Charles Michel, chef-in-residence at Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, the best burgers are 7cm tall, 5cm wide and contain nine layers of ingredients.

He says the pleasant savoury flavouring, which is our fifth taste, is one of the most important factors to its success. And it’s not only taste that counts — touch, smell, vision and sound all play a part in the overall experience.

Michel’s recipe includes soy sauce, chipotle chilli and Wagyu beef, while lettuce, gherkin and onion slices are included to improve the burger’s “sound”.

“Imagine how disappointing it would be without the crunch,” he says. “A growing body of research shows just how much we eat with our ears.”

He added that buns and ingredients must be of a size that can fit into the mouth so that all flavours can be tasted at once. But the most critical factor, apart from the taste, is the smell.

Michel created the recipe on behalf of Asda to mark National Burger Day tomorrow.

  1. The perfect burger:
  2. Seeded burger bread
  3. Chipotle sauce
  4. Crisp lettuce leaf and sliced gherkin
  5. 1cm slice of vine ripened tomato
  6. Two slices of dried Serrano ham and deep fine onion slices
  7. Two slices of Camembert melted on the meat
  8. 1cm patty of Wagyu beef
  9. Even layer of ketchup
  10. Lower bread. Add two splashes of oyu sauce for flavour and to moisten bun




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