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Coffee machine maker lifts the lid on its most advanced equipment yet

Coffee machine maker lifts the lid on its most advanced equipment yet

Swiss commercial coffee machine manufacturer Eversys has made steps towards bridging the gap between traditional and super-automatic machines with its most advanced system yet. The Cameo c’2 is designed to combine manual aspects and super-automatic technology with a new design and functionality to create consistently high-quality coffee. The machine also features a new touch-screen interface, designed for

‘Four-hour call-out’ is curse of coffee equipment service industry

Coffee machine specialist Caffeine Limited has unveiled a special maintenance package that aims to offer a practical alternative to the “unreasonable” four-hour call-out promised by many service firms, according to its managing director. Justin Stockwell said Caffeine’s initiative delivers a planned preventative maintenance contract backed by emergency call-out with the highest possible first-time fix rate.

Lack of juice dispenser innovation leads to equipment breakthrough

A commercial drinks supplier claims to have brought juice dispensers in line with technologically advanced coffee machines with the launch of a tech-heavy appliance aimed at the catering industry.   Liquidline insists its ‘Juicetouch’ will improve user experience and give the catering industry a more flexible, easy-to-manage juice dispenser courtesy of its sleek design, touchscreen

Craft coffee specialist targets hotels and restaurants with dedicated equipment package

Small-lot hand roasting coffee specialist Julius Meinl is turning its attention to the mass market F&B sector with a craft coffee package that combines ingredients with the latest equipment. The Viennese company has specialised in high quality coffee for more than 155 years and now wants to impart its knowledge to hotels, restaurants and cafe. It claims

Coffee innovator throws his weight behind equipment brand

Champion barista and Barista Hustle founder, Matt Perger, is collaborating with Swiss coffee equipment company, Eversys, on its range of super automatic coffee machines. Perger, who has consistently challenged the industry’s perception of the quality and capability of super-automatic equipment, will work closely with Eversys to launch its new machine later this year. He will

Caffè Culture opens its doors to equipment buyers

After its explosion a few years ago, the market for coffee shops is still expanding and consumers show no sign of shaking their caffeine obsession. Operators need to continually be on the hunt for the best equipment for grinding, roasting and pouring the ultimate cup of Joe to stay on top in an unforgivably competitive

BRITA shows operators how to protect kit from limescale build-up

BRITA Professional is set to host a number of specially developed sessions to help operators understand water and the major impact it has on the coffee recipe at next week’s London Coffee Festival and Coffee Masters. Taking place on 6-9 April, BRITA will be joined at the event by Rob Dunne, barista and founding partner/director of

BRITA promises pedal action as it sets water filter race challenge

BRITA Professional is teaming up with industry charity, Hospitality Action (HA), to host the Purity C Steam Bike Challenge, a static speed cycling competition, at this year’s Great Hospitality Show. The challenge marks the launch of BRITA Purity C Steam and HA’s 180th anniversary. BRITA will be inviting visitors to ‘let off steam’ at the

Malibu Corporation unveils slush drink equipment and merchandising package

Malibu Corporation has launched a new brand of premium slush drink which it says offers foodservice operators a “hassle free solution to deliver high profits”. The brand, called ‘Huskee’, aims to capitalise on slush drink profit margins, which Malibu claims can work out at more than 75%. Malibu launched the drink following customer feedback and

Appliances will soon order resupplies automatically from Amazon

Household appliances will soon automatically order their own refills of detergent or other consumables, a development certain to filter into the commercial equipment world. E-commerce giant Amazon is working with appliance makers including Siemens, Bosch, Samsung and Whirlpool to build internet connectivity into their machines and a simple button that will order consumables such as