Euro Catering fronts Italian suppliers at Festa della Repubblica

Catering equipment supplier Euro Catering is celebrating Italy’s Festa della Repubblica on June 2.

The supplier is celebrating the Italian National Day and Republic Day, which is celebrated on 2 June each year which commemorates the institutional referendum, to “reminding caterers it’s the first place to turn for any ‘Italian job’.”

Euro Catering is supplying models from 14 different Italian manufacturers, including the Italforni Bull.  Manufacturers it represents in the UK include Arris, Alfa Pizza Ovens, Firex, Giorik, Brema, Casta, Emainox and Italgi.

Its Italian manufacturers cover every aspect of food preparation and food service, producing equipment such as bratt pans, pasta cookers, gas, electric and wood-fired pizza ovens, noodle stations, chargrills and vapour grills, convection and combi ovens and ice makers and fryers.

The Euro Catering team is headed up by Mel Charlton, who comes from an Italian family.  Additionally, business development manager, Franco Sparano, brings decades of expertise in Italian catering equipment to the table.

“Italian catering equipment manufacturers enjoy a well-earned reputation for being dedicated to helping chefs achieve gastronomical excellence.  Many enjoy an enviable longevity within the Italian catering manufacturing market, demonstrating that their product ranges are high quality, built to last and focused on delivering on-point solutions to the chefs and kitchen teams using them,” says Mel Charlton.

Charlton adds: “We have worked hard to establish our reputation as a supplier for Italian catering equipment manufacturers and are now reaping the rewards.  We have rapidly become a major hub for Italian brands and often use our expertise to plan whole kitchen refits by combining the equipment of several of our brands, so a chef can create dishes of which any Italian counterpart would be proud.  Italy is renowned for its food and the catering equipment that prepares this food has a huge part to play.   Any dealer fitting out an Italian kitchen, or wishing to work with a pizzeria, should contact us and explore the options.”





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