Ex-hotel ops chief strikes out with hot stones dining concept

A former hotel chief is launching his own chain of restaurants that will specialise in cooking food on hot stones brought from the kitchen to diners’ tables.

Gez Chetal, who has more than 30 years in the hospitality industry, and was previously director of operations at Surya Hotels, is launching the first of six planned Hot Rocks restaurants in King’s Lynn tow centre.

The restaurant will seat up to 100 people and have a Latino theme. Diners will be brought hot stones and food to the table, where they will be able cook their meal to their liking.

Chetal told Lynn News: “It’s going to be a dining concept which is completely new to Lynn and if this takes off, it will hopefully be the first of six in East Anglia to be run by me and my business partner, Roger Cash. At the restaurant hot lava rocks will be brought to the table with meats and fish in foil for people to cook for themselves.”

An open kitchen is being installed at the site ahead of the September opening, allowing people to see their food being prepared and the rocks coming out to the table with the dishes.

“It’s a very healthy way of eating as the heat sears the meat, keeps in all the juices and the fat runs off,” said Chetal. “It’s going to be very competitive. There will be unlimited starters, with items such as bread, olives, prawns and hummus, and then there will be unlimited meats plus unlimited wine, for an all-inclusive price. There will be Mexican music playing and the whole dining experience will be very sociable and laid back.”




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