EXCLUSIVE: McDonald’s UK to maximise kitchen output with major self-service kiosk roll-out

Fast food giant McDonald’s plans to install self-service kiosks at every converted restaurant by mid-2018 as part of an ambitious modernisation programme.

The plans have been put in place to offer customers a greater freedom of choice and keep up to date with its digitally-focused restaurants.

In spite of concerns over kiosks increasing pressure on kitchens to deliver higher output, McDonald’s said the kiosks have not changed the cooking platform.

A spokesperson for the company told FEJ: “As part of our transformations, each customer’s order is now freshly prepared. To accommodate this change, our transformed restaurants have split the order and collect process. This change will also allow us to continue to expand our menu, for example the introduction of our Signature range.”

McDonald’s expanded to say that its kiosks, provided by EPoS solution firm Evoke, will continue to evolve as it takes on board customer feedback to improve functionality. It has already made improvements to allow easier customisation of products and also enhanced functionality so vouchers can be redeemed at the kiosk, it said.

Dean Ward, owner and technical director of Evoke, said that kiosks facilitate customer transactions and mean that a lower headcount is required in order to keep a business operational.

He added: “Alternatively, it can enable businesses to operate in a way that can help give them the edge over online competitors, freeing up staff to offer a more personalised services that simply can’t be delivered over the internet. For others, it’s simply a way to streamline operations, generate efficiencies and develop better ways of working for both employees and customers.”

Automated kiosks continue to be a popular solution for fast food operators. In the US, quick-service restaurant chain Wendy’s is rolling out automated kiosks across its sites and aims to have the systems in all 6,000 of its sites by the end of the year.

As well as making ordering more efficient for customers, Wendy’s believes the move will help it to address the cost impact of minimum wage hikes and a tight labour market, according to US reports.




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