Extra £3.4m poured into pub tills during bumper summer weekend

British pubs enjoyed one of their most profitable weekends of the summer season last weekend, it has emerged.  

The average UK pub received an additional £905 in sales across the bank holiday weekend, according to data produced by retail software specialist Epos Now.

It also revealed that an additional £45m was pumped into the pub industry across the three days, which was an extra £3.4m  on last year’s August bank holiday takings.

Of the 500 pubs polled, the study discovered that sales on bank holiday Sunday increased by 52% in comparison to the Sunday prior. However, it was a Monday boom that prompted a celebration for publicans, with revenue figures posting a gigantic 172% increase in comparison to the previous working Monday.

The bank holiday weekend also proved to be a profitable weekend for hoteliers, with pre-booked hotel occupancy rates increasing from 67% to 93% in comparison to a normal summer weekend.

Epos Now CEO, Jacyn Heavens, said: “Unsurprisingly it was a very profitable weekend for the UK hospitality industry, but it was a surprise to see such a dramatic increase in revenue on the Monday. It is vital to be able to monitor and obtain this data so businesses are able to cope with this spike in demand and keep an eye on their stock levels as well as their cash flow.”




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