UK’s first ‘crisps’ restaurant dips into market

The first restaurant centred on gourmet crisps has opened in London and there are plans to roll the brand out with further sites.

Hipchips cooks crisps on site using unusual heritage potato varieties and pairs them with a range of fresh dips from Peruvian Ceviche right through to Salted Caramel. Customers can dine in with a beer, or take them away in sharing boxes.

Branding agency Ragged Edge helped to develop the brand. It hopes that the concept will stand out in London’s ultra-competitive food scene. Hipchips hopes to transform crisps from a predictable staple into a gourmet shared food experience.

Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge, said: “Britain makes its way through six billion packets of crisps a year – that’s 150 packets a person. There was obviously a big opportunity here, but innovation had been pretty limited. By reinventing crisps as a gourmet sharing experience, we were confident we could tap into a millennial audience, hungry for new rituals and Instagram-worthy moments.”

David Morris, co-founder, Hipchips, said: “Ragged Edge’s insight and strategic expertise brought clarity and purpose to our ambitious idea. They helped us define a new category in a crowded marketplace. And they created a rich, powerful brand to bring it all to life.”




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