First Michelin starred delivery bikes rev up for business

A new Michelin starred delivery service is set to launch in London this September and has already attracted the backing of 20 top restaurants, it has emerged.

Takeaway delivery might be more associated with restaurants selling pizza or Chinese food, but a new concept called SUPPER aims to bring a high-end twist to the model.

The company says it will deliver the “first ever Michelin starred delivery service”, transporting food and wine from London’s finest tables with cutting-edge packaging and innovative delivery techniques.

SUPPER claims its unique service and delivery methods will set it apart from all other food delivery services, meaning that fine dining restaurants, which in the past have shied away from allowing their delicately-prepared food to leave their restaurants, are now trusting them to deliver their food to customers’ homes and offices.

The first priority is that the restaurants’ gourmet dishes arrive in exactly the same state as when they left the kitchen.

The firm says it has put a great deal of research and expense into ensuring that absolutely no degradation from the time the food is made until it’s delivered to their customers’ front door will occur.

State-of-the-art Japanese bikes will weave their way through traffic, ensuring faster delivery times than ever before. Each of the bikes consists of bespoke boxes, which are thermally lined through to the containers where the food is placed.

The high tech boxes are kept at a constant temperature, either hot or cold to maintain the quality of the dishes. Each vehicle can hold up enough food to cater for up to 20 people, which is ideal for large corporate orders.

The SUPPER concept has already attracted the attention of 19 restaurants throughout London. Their clientele consists of Michelin Starred Indian Restaurants, Tamarind and Benares in Mayfair, with an aim to have five Michelin starred restaurants on their books by autumn.

Other restaurants involved include worldwide steak specialists, M Restaurants located in the City, innovative Japanese restaurants, Matsuri and Tsunami and Mayfair’s Authentic Italian Wood Fired Pizzeria, Bocconcino. Chinese Restaurants Barshu, Bashan and Baiwei and Soho seafood institution Randall & Aubin have also come on board.




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