First ‘poached egg bar’ hatches in UK

Artisan bakery Foxcroft & Ginger has launched what it claims is the first ‘poached egg bar’ in the UK.

The operator’s new branch, which is located in the large Beyond Retro clothing store in Dalton, will specialise in perfecting slow cooked eggs at 63°C.

By keeping the eggs at that temperature for an hour, Foxcroft & Ginger says it achieves a great running yolk and a perfect white.

As well as eggs, the branch — which is the chain’s third — will serve coffee, baked goods, salads and sandwiches. It says the

The cafe will feature the same ‘industrial-chic’ design as its existing Whitechapel and Soho branches, with an additional outside seating area for warm days.

Foxcroft & Ginger takes its name from its owners; Quintin’s family name is Foxcroft while his wife Georgina is a proud redhead.

After spending over a decade opening successful restaurants and bars for other companies, the pair took the plunge and opened Foxcroft & Ginger in Soho in 2010.




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