Manufacturer insists ‘market disrupting’ technology will reshape microwave design

A leading US components manufacturer is vowing to change the face of the commercial microwave industry forever by launching a range of ‘market disrupting’ technology.

Freescale Semiconductor has just added cost-effective, solid-state radio frequency (RF) power transistor products to its offering and it claims the move will modernise the industry by enabling OEMs to create differentiated solutions and novel product types for a new cooking paradigm.

Paul Hart, senior VP and general manager of Freescale’s RF business, said its products will allow manufacturers to come up with units that cook more efficiently, more effectively, and with greater consistency and higher quality. “Solid-state RF power is a major leap forward for the market, and what we know as microwave cooking and how it’s performed over the last 30 years is all about to change,” he declared.

Solid-state RF power technology delivers highly efficient and controllable RF energy without performance degradation over time, providing customers with a longer lasting and economically feasible alternative to legacy magnetron-based microwave systems. Freescale claims a magnetron can begin to lose its ability to produce RF energy after as little as 500 operating hours, whereas solid-state RF power has demonstrated reliability of up to a 20-year lifetime under continuous use.

The devices are purpose-built to withstand harsh RF heating environments, and are the industry’s first products housed in affordable plastic packages to operate at 915 MHz and 2.45 GHz.




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