Greater kitchen ventilation knowledge needed in industry

Mansfield Pollard has launched its first-ever ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) sessions to support the transfer of kitchen ventilation design knowledge within the industry.

The Bradford-based manufacturer believes that education is more important than ever in the sector, with a growing emphasis on CPD for engineers working in the HVAC sector.

The two programmes it is introducing have been approved by CIBSE and allow attendees to maintain and develop their professional knowledge.

One is called ‘How to create a kitchen ventilation system that is compliant with DW172’, which gives a general overview and introduction of modern commercial kitchen ventilation systems and considerations around DW172 compliance.

The second is ‘Commercial kitchen ventilation: B&ES Specification and DW172, an overview’ and is aimed at those with a good understanding of commercial kitchens, who wish to better understand the current solutions available and how to design a DW172 compliant system.

The two seminars are being delivered by business development manager Stephen Badgery, who has over 10 years’ experience presenting approved CPD’s in various fields.

Andrew Glen, sales and marketing director at Mansfield Pollard, said: “Our commercial kitchen ventilation division is of strategic importance to the long-term growth plans which we have in place for the development of our company. The strong sales performance which we’re experiencing comes from a combination of increased market penetration and a deepening of our trading partnerships with existing key accounts.

“At Mansfield Pollard we think it is crucial to support the industries in which we work through training and continued education. Initiatives which support continuous professional development are important as they enable participants to stay abreast of the sector’s issues, regulations and technology, and offer a structured approach to learning to help ensure competence to practice.”




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