Hoshizaki Emerald Class ice maker shines green

Hoshizaki has launched Emerald Class, a new range of what is said to be environmentally friendly, energy saving ice makers.

The manufacturer believes it is leading the field in the development of hydrocarbon refrigerated ice makers and that the new Emerald Class represents an important step in the future of ice machine design.

This range includes cube, flake and nugget machines with capacities ranging from 22-340kg per day. Hoshizaki says the machine is the result of research and development in the role of natural refrigerants. Emerald Class uses only naturally occurring hydrocarbon (R290) refrigerant which is said to have a negligible effect on global warming, and with a GWP value of under 5, is claimed to use less energy. For example, in optimum conditions, the smallest machine in the range, the undercounter IM21-CNE-HC, can realise savings of over 30%, according to the manufacturer.

The Emerald Class ranges from small undercounter machines to large capacity stand alone units.




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