Industry Q&A: Maidaid discusses warewashing innovation

Having been at the forefront of the UK warewashing industry for 40 years, Maidaid Halcyon remains one of the go-to names for equipment that gets dishes clean in the most efficient way. With a raft of new and improved equipment released this month, FEJ caught up with sales director, Julian Lambert, and operations director, Chris Myhill, to find out what sort of innovation lies behind the launches.

Where does this latest set of product launches rank in Maidaid’s history? Is it one of the most significant roll-outs you have ever done?

Julian Lambert: The new models are just a further illustration of Maidaid Halcyon’s strong commitment to the commercial catering industry. Listening to our customers’ feedback has always been the cornerstone of our progress within the industry. The new models are not considered by us as a significant move but rather just another step towards offering the most comprehensive range possible to our customers.

How often does Maidaid release new products? Is this new generation of products likely to represent the core offering of your portfolio for the next few years?

Chris Myhill: The Maidaid range within the Maidaid Halcyon portfolio has proved itself over the last few years to be exactly what it was designed to be: a range offering durable and easy to use, install and maintain machines. We do not believe in introducing new product ranges but prefer to offer enhanced design to already established models. As an independent brand we have the benefit of working with some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world; we believe in building long-term relationships and are able to pick and choose what innovations we may introduce. With over 40 years of trading history, all the facilities we work with listen intently to our opinion as to what will best serve the UK market.

MH2150 Moody PlatesWhat sort of innovation has gone into the new undercounter machines that you have launched?

Chris Myhill: One of the most obvious developments in the last 10 years has been the migration of technology through product ranges. What begins as a more expensive innovation — and can therefore only be made available on top range machines — will, over time, be introduced to lower-priced models once the economies of volume production take effect. This was seen some years ago with the introduction of PCB controllers replacing electro-mechanical timers, now few machines use the old-style timers.

With this approach, manufactures also have the opportunity to snag and improve component design. This has been the process that has enabled Maidaid to feel confident in introducing the new C515 and D515 models incorporating internal automatic softeners. Originally only available in Maidaid’s top range Evolution models, this technology has been refined in terms of design, cost and reliability.

The undercounter warewasher markets are extremely competitive. What should customers be paying most attention to when selecting an undercounter model these days?

Julian Lambert: One of the first steps they must complete is a study of their true requirements. Do they require a dedicated glass or dishwasher? Or a machine capable of both? How many glasses/dishes will they wash a day? Do they have concentrated periods of business when they need to wash high volumes in a short period but will stand idle for long periods, which would suggest a high capacity with good economy at standby conditions.

They should choose a brand that offers a good range of models, they are more likely to find the model that meets their requirements. Take the advice of an experienced catering equipment distributor that is trained to ask the questions needed to identify the correct equipment. Other considerations that customers should take into account include service and spares support — areas that Maidaid Halcyon excels at.

Moving onto the pass through model, what makes this different from previous Maidaid models?

Chris Myhill: The majority of recent design indicatives have been dealing with efficiency by means of operating economy. This has mostly been achieved in warewashing by reducing water consumption — less water leads to lower electricity used to maintain operating temperatures and decreased chemical usage to dose water to the correct concentration.

Recently, Maidaid has received a number of requests for pass-through machines with a larger wash tank. Not wishing to lose the recently-gained operational economies, Maidaid decided to introduce the MH2150, a heavy duty pass through model with deep wash tank but combined with a very efficient heat recovery system capable of a 35% energy saving. To maintain the heat recovery efficiency, this model incorporates a flushing system. It also utilises a multi-chrome start button that gives highly visible status updates. Along with other features, this machine is designed for the toughest environments.

You have also released a new series of ice machines. What can customers expect from these?

Chris Myhill: The SLIM modular ice machines range is only 560mm wide. Space is always at a premium, whether it is for a new development or site refurbishment. It has also been noted that in many inner-city sites, where older buildings have non-standard door widths, there is the daily gymnastics and dismantling that has to be undertaken by engineers to install machines. Our complete view of the market considers installation and service engineers’ requirements as they are such an important element in our efforts to satisfy our customers. The new ice machines offer production of between 154kg and 225kg of cube ice per day. The introduction of a machine in the range using one of the new generation of environmentally-friendly R290 hydrocarbon gases is a first for Maidaid Halcyon.

Slimbin Moody+Top BadgeMaidaid Halcyon: What’s new

Undercounter machines

  • C range C515: Built-in all new continuous auto water softener and drain pump as standard.
  • D range D515: Fully double skinned for noise reduction and heat retention. Includes enhanced programs.
  • MH525: Specifically for the healthcare market with built-in UV germicidal lamp and 9 wash cycle selection, full LCD display and soft-touch controls.

Heavy duty pass through with heat recovery

  • MH2150: Advanced heat recovery system and heavy duty construction with large chair-style wash tank.

SLIM bin ice machines

  • Three machines in the range, which has a fooprint of just 560mm, including the SLIM195E, which uses 100% natural propane gas R290 with zero environmental impact.

Future moves

Maidaid Halcyon is tipped to continue strengthening its portfolio this year by launching new products within its entry-level Halcyon Amika glass and dishwasher range. There are also reports of possible improvements to its Minirack series, with additions to its range of larger capacity rack and flight tunnel machines.




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