Keeping the KP happy: 7 big challenges for the warewashing sector

Most chain restaurant kitchens would struggle to function without their trusty kitchen porter, especially when it comes to the organisation and running of their warewashing area.

We canvassed warewashing equipment manufacturers to find out the biggest challenges they think the equipment industry needs to stay focused on to make life easier for KPs. Here is their top seven:

1) Performance
Achieving an outstanding, reliable wash result and quicker drying times.

2) Usability
Continual product improvement in terms of usability, reliability and serviceability.

3) Comfort
Better steam reduction methods to achieve a cooler, dryer and safer environment for KPs.

4) Design
Making operators understand that the dishwashing and potwashing areas need to be considered separately.

5) Simplicity
Further investment in the automation of cleaning and chemical dosing functions.

6) Ergonomics
Improving workspace and workflow by focusing on the ergonomics of tabling, accessories and storage solutions.

7) Support
Providing adequate support when levels of usage on identical pieces of equipment varies greatly, meaning manufacturers must market and reinforce the USPs of their service packages.




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