KINGS OF SPIN: 3 top rotisseries to get your profits turning

The rotisserie equipment market is blossoming as operators spot the opportunity for high margin food sales with their own bit of theatre. Here’s our pick of three rotisseries to get your profits turning.


Relaunched in 2015 with a complete new design and enhanced feature profile, the Rotisol Grandes Flammes Millenium 975-5 is a high performing rotisserie that has a total of five spits allowing for the cooking of between 10 and 15 chickens at a time. It is ideal for a range of restaurant and hotel operations looking for an appliance to sit pride of place in an open plan kitchen or customer-facing area.

The compact design makes the 975-5 ideal for those limited on space, while the impressive capacity ensures the kitchen can maintain service, even during peak trading hours. With a choice of designs in varying colours and finished to an extremely high standard, the 975-5 will add the optimum amount of intrigue and surprise to customers dining in a restaurant. It features a high quality stainless steel design complete with metallic control dials in either a chrome or brass finish. An interior light illuminates the cooking chamber, providing excellent visibility, both for the operator and the customer, while the theatre of the cooking process is enhanced thanks to the inclusion of authentic flames rising up the heavy duty cast iron rear plates.

Key dimensions

– 1025mm (W) x 625 mm (D) x 1160mm (H)
– 15 bird capacity with 5 spits
– List price £10,810
– 1-year parts and labour warranty



The CB Chef 706 cooks via infra-red, as opposed to convection, rapidly reducing the cook time and minimising heat-up times because the heat is almost instant, according to Euro Catering Equipment, which supplies the brand in the UK. It also claims operators won’t be disappointed with the end result as the unit will deliver a much better product with a nice, crispy skin.

The rotisserie boasts a glass back so the whole cook can be on show to the customer and cleaning is made easier because there are fewer internal moving parts and no fan cover to remove. There’s even a model available with its own built-in wash system. Chicken is not the only product that can be cooked on this unit. Additional spit options mean a whole range of foods are viable, including vegetables with the use of a removable pouch that sits in the clamp spit, as well as other joints of protein such as fish.

Key dimensions

– 1008mm (W) x 850 mm (D) x 870mm (H)
– 24 x 1.2kg birds
– List price £9,980
– 2-year parts and 1-year labour warranty



Rollergrill’s RBG 200 gas rotisserie is one of its newest models having only launched last year. It is ideal for mobile, event and festival caterers in need of reliable equipment that can meet high peaks of demand, and runs on both LPG and Natural gas.

The unit boasts a ‘panoramic view’ courtesy of its glass door and can hold up to 20 large birds, while operators have independent control of the five spits. It’s not just chicken that the rotisserie can cook: the availability of a clamp basket offers the option of processing any kind of meat. Rollergrill says the eye-catching display means the unit can be prominently displayed front of house.

Key dimensions

– 940mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 1250mm (H)
– 20 bird capacity with 5 spits
– List price £4,315
– 2-year warranty (parts and labour)





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