Kitchen wrapping ace details equipment giveaway

A UK manufacturer of a commercial food wrapping system is urging operators to ditch their clumsy, cardboard cutterboxes and go professional with their kit.

Wrap Film Systems, which produces the Wrapmaster systems, has launched its ‘Wrap Smart’ campaign in a bid to get catering professionals to experience effortless dispensing of cling film, aluminium foil and baking parchment paper.

To give operators an incentive to test what its kit can do, the Telford-based company is giving away free samples of its Wrapmaster Duo and Wrapmaster Compact.

Paul Feery, marketing director of Wrap Film Systems, said: “We’ve all experienced the frustrations of tangled and ripped cling film. In a professional kitchen when the pressure is on, efficiency is everything and something as simple as dispensing cling film shouldn’t be a headache. We want the industry to “Wrap Smart” and speed up operations, reduce wastage and above all save money, which is why we’re launching our new campaign.”

The company claims its system will lead to less packaging waste for operators and a 35% reduction in product waste. It is also shatter resistant and dishwasher proof.

Catering professionals can bag themselves a free pre-loaded Wrapmaster Duo or Compact simply by visiting its website. A limited number of units are available.




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