Küppersbusch cooks up new high-powered grills

German catering equipment manufacturer Küppersbusch has bolstered its portfolio with the launch of BeefCraft and BeefCraft+, two new high-temperature grills.

According to the brand, the BeefCraft models require no pre-installations before being put into operation as they are pure plug-and-play appliances. It claims they can reach temperatures of 800°C.

The grill rack comes with a choice of six rack heights, so that sensitive food such as fish and vegetables can be cooked to perfection, while the base has been designed with clay balls – BeefCraftStones – for easy cleaning. These immediately suck up dripping fat and are simply replaced whenever needed, saving on inconvenient cleaning work.

“BeefCraft is the ideal grill for restaurants and hotels serving a lot of grilled meat and fish. Up to 16 entrecotes can easily be cooked at the same time, and large tomahawk or T-bone steaks can also be grilled in the larger version,” said Küppersbusch managing director Marc-Oliver Schneider.

The company says a rare steak takes two minutes on each side (bottom shelf, bottom lever position, highest grill setting). It should then be left to rest for at least four minutes after grilling, and then regenerated for another 30 to 40 seconds.

Rare steaks take three minutes each side plus five to six minutes of rest time, while well-done steaks take four minutes, with the rest time extending to seven to eight minutes.




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