Lab kit for catering market is a real kitchen money-spinner

Sous Vide Tools is riding to the rescue of kitchens fed up with how long it takes to prepare tomato consommé by launching a product line adapted from the laboratory sector.

The firm has stuck a deal with Centurion Scientific, the Portsmouth company behind the culinary centifruge, to introduce its technology into the catering market.

Visitors to its Hotelympia stand this week have had the chance to get their first look at the equipment since the agreement was made.

“The system is designed to speed up the process in the kitchen,” explained managing director Alex Shannon. “If a kitchen were to make a tomato consommé, it would take approximately 24 hours, but with this machine you can make a completely clear consommé in 15 minutes.”

Until recently, the centifruge was found mainly in medical laboratories and university chemistry departments. Spin cycles in the largest machines are extremely powerful, whirling vials around tens of thousands of times a minute and generating centrifugal forces up to 30,000 times as strong as the Earth’s gravity.

Shannon said the device can also be used for sauces and soups, while chefs visiting its stand have suggested it could be useful for operators wanting to mix cocktails or beverages.

The range is available in 4 x 250ml, 500ml and 750ml versions, with list prices starting from £2,400. While there are centrifuges available in the market already, Shannon said the Centurion Scientific range is the only one to offer a refrigerated option.

But the biggest selling point for the kit is the clean division it produces among the ingredients. Because the food emerges from the centrifuge separated into distinct strata, it is easy for the cook to then decant or scoop off the layers they want to use.

“What we are trying to do as a business now is really focus on specialist culinary equipment and make it readily available for catering equipment distributors to take to the market. This is British-made equipment that is currently exported all over the world but purely for the laboratory market. Until now it hasn’t been available in the culinary market.”




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