Lincat details plans for imminent growth of product line

British catering equipment manufacturer Lincat has revealed it plans to launch two new product ranges — the Opus 800 and the latest generation of FilterFlow water boilers — at the Commercial Kitchen show this summer.

Opus 800 is an 80-strong range of heavy-duty prime cooking equipment, including ovens, fryers, griddles, grills and bratt pans.

With a “stylish” new look, Opus 800 is designed and engineered to provide enhanced performance, energy efficiency and serviceability. Products will be more powerful too, with the ability to be configured in a greater number of ways, to meet the needs of the busiest commercial kitchen. There will be no fewer than 47 separate accessories to support the range.

Lincat claims to have revolutionised the water boiler market when it introduced the FilterFlow range of automatic water boilers with built-in filtration eight years ago. Now it is vowing to raise the bar again with the introduction of the next generation of FilterFlow models.

The new systems feature enhanced self diagnostics, smaller footprints, timer modes and longer life filter cartridges.

Helen Applewhite, Lincat’s marketing manager, said: “Commercial Kitchen is a brand new show for our industry, showcasing the latest innovations in catering equipment. This makes it the ideal event to unveil our new Opus 800 products and next generation FilterFlow water boilers.

“Opus 800 will be larger, heavier and more durable. It is a brand new concept, with new ideas and innovation, and is built on the firm success of Lincat’s Opus 700 range, of which 35,000 items have been sold to date generating £45M of revenue.”

Based in Lincoln in the UK, Lincat produces over 450 separate products for cooking, holding and food display. Lincat’s brands include Opus Combi Steamers, Opus 700, Silverlink 600, Lynx 400, Panther and Seal.