Linda Lewis Kitchens unleashes ‘indestructible’ range

By Ishaan Tugnait

Catering equipment supplier Linda Lewis Kitchens is rolling out a new range of pizza and dough options from Italian brand Friulco. who claim the equipment is “built like a tank.”

The Oldham-based business, which specialises in importing and distributing innovative Italian catering equipment, is now offering a range of the manufacturer’s products that it claims are “built like a tank”.

LLK will be marketing and distributing Friulco’s heavy-duty pizza rollers, dough rounders, dough dividers and combi machines.  The latter comes as a mixer, divider and a rounder.

Every piece of equipment made by Friulco is designed with longevity in mind including unique features such as a balancing system, steel chain and gearbox. This enables operators to spread the cost of the initial investment in a Friulco product over many years.

Friulco’s Antonio Cimenti invented the brand’s first dough sheeters in 1984 and has since applied his eye for design to other types of pizza and dough equipment.

The target customer for Friulco dough rounders are caterers needing to produce perfectly rounded and closed portions of dough, while Friulco’s dough dividers can be used by those handling very large quantities of dough or much smaller portions.

With the combi options, Linda Lewis Kitchens is able to offer pizzerie and other restaurants a holistic option that will handle as much of the dough production process, as they wish it too.

Managing director Linda Lewis said: “We are delighted to have Friulco join our stable of Italian catering brands, entrusting us with their distribution in the UK, thanks to our track record with other Italian brands such as Cuppone, Universo SRL, Fac, Elframo, Arris and Fimar.”

She added: “The Friulco brand stands for everything we believe in making available to the UK market – reliability, excellent performance and timely and cost-effective catering solutions. With its crossover capabilities, which will enable us to work with ethnic and Greek restaurants, we are looking forward to expanding our customer base and demonstrating why an Italian catering product does not have to just cater for those serving Italian food.”




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