Lockhart Catering Equipment bangs the breakfast drum

Lockhart Catering Equipment has carried out a survey to discover just how important breakfast service could become for customers that don’t currently open their doors until later in the day.

Breakfast is often conspicuously absent from many menus as operators prefer to focus their efforts on the midday and evening meals, but Lockhart said it wanted to test if the opportunity to branch into breakfast and brunch was something that operators should be scrambling for.

It surveyed more than 100 people about their attitudes to the morning meal and found that 26% of respondents go out to eat breakfast or brunch once a week or more. 36% of people, meanwhile, claimed that going out for breakfast or brunch was a weekend treat.

A whopping 78% of people said that they crave an English breakfast when they eat out in the morning. However, American-style breakfasts and brunches such as pancakes, waffles and eggs benedict, as well as typically Continental breakfasts like pastries, meats and cheeses and French toast were also popular.

More than half (54%) of those responded said that having a wide range of breakfast and brunch options was the main reason for them choosing a particular place to eat, second only to there being low prices (67%) that make going out for breakfast an affordable treat.

Half of those surveyed said they were willing to part with between £5 and £8 for a breakfast meal.




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