London ‘wine pub’ solves glasswashing dilemma

The Winemakers Club in London is certain that customers will be served the world’s finest wines in glasses that sparkle after bringing in new glasswashing equipment to keep its wares clean.

The outlet, which describes itself as “more an informal wine pub than a bar”, was launched last year to serve wines from smaller, more diverse producers.

With 16 wines held in a preservation system to taste for free at any time and customers popping in to enjoy plates of cheese, olives and meats, the company needed to ensure to ensure it had the right kit to handle all the glasses it gets through.

It chose to install a Meiko FV40.2G-GiO at its Holborn Viaduct site and says it has been pleased with the results.

“We’ve found it very easy to use, very efficient and I like it because it is made for people in the industry and the manufacturer has not got carried away with adding lots of electronics like a ‘Welcome’ message when you switch it on,” said John Baum, one of The Winemakers Club’s stockowners and ‘wine finders’.

He added: “More seriously, we needed a machine to wash some very fine glassware, hand-blown, non-lead crystal made by Zalto and we can’t afford for these glasses to shatter when washed. The Meiko machine is very gentle and it washes very well.”

Meiko works closely with Austrian dishrack manufacturer Fries to offer a range of racks that it claims provide improved washing results and faster drying times. The racks protect glassware and prevents them touching when washing and being handled. Racks can be constructed to suit whatever type of glass used, regardless of height, diameter or shape.




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