Manitowoc opens fifth UK culinary innovation site in Wolverhampton

Manitowoc has announced a new site for its Culinary Innovation Days at Cargill’s in Wolverhampton.

The site will be dedicated to Manitowoc’s Convotherm and Merrychef brands and will provide an invaluable insight for both end-users and dealers in helping them discover the latest product technology and innovations.

Initial dates at the new site are 29 September, 27 October and 24 November, with a full 2017 schedule to be announced shortly.

The sessions are the latest addition to the Manitowoc Foodservice culinary development programme.

During each Culinary Innovation Day, development chef, Scott Kedwards will demonstrate the latest technology from the two brands, with attendees getting the opportunity to focus on different cooking techniques.

The equipment which will be showcased at the Cargill’s Wolverhampton culinary demonstration site will include the Merrychef eikon e2s and e3, as well as the Convotherm easyTouch smoker and mini combi steamer.

Manitowoc Foodservice now has five culinary innovation demonstration locations around the UK, including Sheffield, Guildford, Bolton and Glasgow.




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