Mechline gains WRAS approval for kitchen product line

Foodservice equipment manufacturer Mechline’s electronic range of Delabie Tempomatic 3 taps has gained WRAS Approval.

The certification reassures planners, designers and building users that the taps won’t not cause waste, misuse or undue consumption or contamination to the water supply, and that they are deemed to be ‘of an appropriate quality and standard.’

The approval is also accepted by every UK water supplier.

Mechline said that several models have been newly approved, including the Tempomatic 3 (non mixer) battery operated tap, the Tempomatic Mix 3 (mixer) battery operated tap, and the Tempomatic 3 wall-mounted (non mixer) mains operated tap.Delabie Tempomatic 3 taps

Kristian Roberts, marketing manager at Mechline, said: “It is important to Mechline that we supply quality, compliant and efficient options for kitchens. The range of electronic Delabie taps provides a trustworthy, hygienic and water efficient choice for foodservice. We are so confident of their quality, these taps are sold with a three year warranty.”

The approved products are now listed on the WRAS website, while Mechline says that it will add the certificates for each model to the product page on its website once it receives them.




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