Meiko reveals newest machine to UK market after extensive testing

Warewashing manufacturer Meiko is set to roll out a new dishwasher, called the ‘M-iClean H’, to the UK market.

The machine has been successfully trialled at 17 sites in Germany for more than six months and was given its first airing to Meiko partners in the UK last week.

Benefits include a hood that can be activated fully automatically, lowering itself after the rack has been inserted and rising after the wash cycle.

The new model’s opening and closing mechanism has been exhaustively tested in the laboratory , with more than 1.2 million openings tested without failure. The hood also features sensors to raise the hood and protect the operator’s hands and fingers if they are accidentally left underneath.

Additionally, the control panel on the machine can be located at eye-level with the operator. This means no more straining, lifting or pulling at an awkward angle for kitchen staff, or employees having to bend down to look at the controls, reducing risk of injury and strain.

Calculations so far suggest the new M-iClean H model is 21% more energy efficient than the previous generation of Meiko dishwashers. And a heat recycling system built into the machine cuts steam emissions in the dishwash area by up to 80%.

The ‘Miraculous Shine Package’ describes Meiko’s fan-assisted drying innovation for glassware, designed to eliminate the industry-wide problem of condensation forming on cooling glassware.

As racks of washed ware emerge from the dishwasher, they are placed over a clever cooling table, which blows cool air onto the glasses, forcing away the condensation.

Meiko officially launched the M-iClean H model to other markets at the Internorga Exhibition in Hamburg, which finished yesterday.




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