Miraclean Griddle sales sizzle at upmarket burger chains

The irresistible rise of upmarket burger chains over the past few years has led to a boom in demand for Miraclean Griddles and its UK distributor Malibu Corporation.

Malibu says that sales in the first five months of 2015 have already exceeded the whole of last year in the UK and Europe thanks to deals with fast-growing groups including Byron, Burger and Lobster, Ed’s Easy Diner, Nandos and Shake Shack.

“There’s no sign of slowing down with the UK’s gourmet burger market seeing continuous growth,” says Malibu’s Kate Keating.

Miraclean Griddle’s specialised chrome plates reduce both energy usage and carbon emissions by over 30%, the company claims, which has helped one burger chain save over £300,000 in energy bills.

“With such strong economic and environmental advantages, you can expect to see many more Miracleans in commercial kitchens this time next year; Nando’s already have them installed in every restaurant in the UK,” Keating predicts.

Meat and Shake is building its gourmet burger business around the Miraclean Griddle. Nandos (pictured above) is another customer.




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