New catering equipment supplier sets out stall

A new catering equipment supplier is hoping to curry favour with operators after launching what it claims is the most significant collection of catering equipment products to the UK market for more than a decade.

Ascentia Foodservice Equipment has assembled a carefully crafted product portfolio that it says will satisfy various applications within the cooking, bakery oven, pizza oven and refrigeration markets. The brands it has struck agreements with include Pavesi, Berto’s, Piron, Mibrasa, Moretti Forni and Dalmec.

Neil Mantle, who is heading the brand and has industry experience from spells with ServEquip, Office Depot and Adande, said that those behind the company had long shared a goal to collate a broad range of high quality catering equipment products with potential for application across all sectors of the hospitality industry.

He told Foodservice Equipment Journal: “With a working knowledge of the industry we set about looking at some of the top brands across Europe which would be an asset to any catering establishment throughout the UK. As our project progressed it was important that each of these products should be leaders in their own field and could complement each other within any commercial catering scheme.”

Mantle said the company did not set out with a specific figure of six brands in mind, but rather to develop a portfolio of products suited to the market place. “We have enjoyed some early success already which in turn has prompted other manufacturers to approach us,” he said. “So we may add other brands to the portfolio which would complement the existing range but at present we are extremely excited to bring this comprehensive portfolio to market.”

While Ascentia believes the brands it is working with will complement one another in any commercial kitchen scheme, they have all been chosen for their capabilities to stand out on their own. Mantle says there is an option which would suit every application and budget required.

“We are not just about shifting boxes, we have the working knowledge and experience to advise on any aspect of the product and its use with a commercial catering project,” he said.




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