Nisbets helps caterers stick to allergen laws

Catering equipment supplier Nisbets has introduced a new range of Vogue Allergen labels to make it easier for caterers to comply with recently-modified laws around food ingredients.

It is now a legal requirement for establishments to list all allergen information, and Nisbets believes its new range of labels will make life simpler for the industry.

The selection of easy-peel labels includes common allergens such as milk, eggs and peanuts as well as less common ones, such as molluscs and soya beans. Each label can be placed and removed with ease, making it effortless for all commercial catering establishments from cafes to takeaways to comply with the new food allergen laws.

Each of the 1-inch labels comes in a pack of 1,000 and leaves no residue on products, so if a label needs to be removed it won’t leave any unwanted marks on products. The labels are designed in blue, white and red to make them clear enough to stand out.

Although operators want to cater safely for diners with allergies, the additional administration required to adhere to the new legislation is an “extra burden” for busy operators, according to Nisbets. It has therefore introduced a selection of Food Allergy notices to provide further resource for customers.

The table notices are ideal for buffet and catering events, offering a practical and affordable way of ensuring diners are kept safe.




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