Heat mixing bowl adds new dimension to KitchenAid equipment

Cooking with a KitchenAid is now an option with the Precise Heat mixing bowl from catering equipment supplier Nisbets.

Designed to tackle all jobs that require gentle mixing over a precise, sustained heat, the heated bowl adds a new dimension to the KitchenAid, offering chefs a huge new repertoire of possibilities, and the potential to save valuable time in the professional kitchen.

Particularly useful for those jobs that have traditionally required careful watching over a heat source, chefs will now be able to trust their creations to the heated mixing bowl, secure in the knowledge that the heat will not vary from the level set.

With a temperature range that is precise to the nearest 1°C, the Precise Heat Mixing Bowl can confidently handle dishes such as risottos and custards that need careful stirring over heat, as well as bread proving and cheese fondue. It makes an ideal slow cooker for stews and braised dishes, and there is a special chocolate tempering mode that provides clear guidelines during the chocolate tempering process, resulting in crispy, shiny, smooth chocolate creations.

“We see enormous potential for professional chefs with the Precise Heated Bowl”, said Mark Veale, KitchenAid brand manager. “It is a unique product in our extensive range of professional equipment, and we believe it provides chefs with a really exciting and innovative new tool. It offers chefs of all levels the opportunity of time saving in the kitchen at the same time as controlling very precise cooking. With incredible accuracy and precision, the heat can be controlled exactly in order to assist more challenging cuisine preparation, such as tempering chocolate, making yoghurt or preparing other heat sensitive dishes.”

An independent power source means that the handy bowl can work on its own or attach to the usual KitchenAid stand mixer if required. There is a digital display with adjustable temperature and time setting which is variable from 21˚c to 105˚c, and the bowl has a 4.6 litre capacity.




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