Operators urged to clean up kitchens ahead of summer

A Merseyside commercial cleaning outfit is advising foodservice operators to undergo a spring clean of their kitchens or risk coming unstuck during the busier summer months that lie ahead.

Knowsley-based Kitch Cleanse insists that now is the ideal time for restaurants, bars and hotels to certify their hygiene standards rather than wait for the summer when seasonal trading levels might make it more difficult.

Kitch Cleanse director, Mike Brougham, said: “Spring is the perfect time of year for businesses in the hospitality and F&B trade to make a fresh start on their cleaning regime. In order to be fully prepared before the summer months, it is highly advisable that companies dealing with food preparation to maintain a solid cleanliness routine before custom starts to liven up dramatically.

“With that in mind, my first piece of advice is to organise a cleaning rota for kitchen staff. By displaying the rota clearly, team members will be given a constant reminder of the constructive set routine, which will illustrate what needs to be maintained and endure regular cleaning.”

Brougham insists that in addition to the staff being fully clued on the hygiene up-keep, it is vital that they understand what chemicals are used for each specific maintenance job.

“Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulation training, posters, and labelling will help to ensure that staff members are using chemicals correctly, otherwise the use of incorrect chemicals can not only damage equipment and furniture, but can also be harmful to staff and customers.”

Kitch Cleanse’s own service offering extends to full kitchen extraction and ductwork alongside oven and hob deep cleaning.

“Kitchen cleaning and hygiene maintenance may seem like daunting and time consuming processes to some, however when effective cleaning strategies are put into place this can be done at ease,” concluded Brougham.




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