Pizza kit helps operator nail the perfect naan

The UK supplier of Cuppone pizza ovens has revealed that its equipment is being used by a fledgling Indian restaurant business to make naan dishes.

The LLKP30 Pizza Press, supplied by Linda Lewis Kitchens, is normally used to produce perfectly uniform pizza bases, but it has proved its adaptability after being specified by Naked Naan, an Uxbridge-based champion of healthy eating.

It is using the kit to produce its flagship ‘Naanwiches’, enabling it to guarantee a quick turnaround of its menu.

With the Cuppone Pizza Press on board, Naked Naan is able to deliver on its grab-and-go positioning, through fast service and the capability of dealing with the high peaks in daytime trade. No training was required, enabling the fast-food pop-up — which is now taking its concept to new locations — to get up and running very speedily.

Naked Naan’s owner, Shushma Kumar, says the kit has replaced the hand-rolling of dough and all the time and energy wasted on that process.

“We can now create perfect naan bread every time, with a consistency and perfect shaping and sizing. I would call the Linda Lewis Kitchens’ Cuppone Pizza Press the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the catering world!”

Each layer of dough that is pressed in the oven is finished off with a coating of starch gel, which suppresses the gas produced when the dough is fermenting, helping to create the ideally pressed piece of naan or pizza.




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