Polar Refrigeration prepares for summer with double ice maker launch

Commercial refrigeration specialist Polar has added two new ice makers to its extensive range. Operators can choose between the Polar Bullet Ice Maker and the Polar Spray Ice Maker depending on the needs of their establishment.

The launch is perfectly timed for establishments preparing for the increased demand for ice during the hot summer months.

Producing an impressive 50kg of ice in 24 hours, the Polar Bullet Ice Maker is perfect for high volume outlets looking to produce large amounts of ice quickly and efficiently.

Ideal for when things get really busy, ready-made bullet cubes (which are opaque and feature a hole in the middle) can be accessed easily thanks to the unit’s large capacity storage bin – which hygienically stores up to 11kg of ice at one time.

Made from robust stainless steel, the Polar Bullet Ice Maker is designed to be strong and durable, whilst also being incredibly simple to use and clean.

GL193_Polar-Bullet-Ice-RIn contrast, spray ice makers are able to produce square, clear cubes which look premium and last longer. This makes them the ideal choice for high end establishments where clarity of ice is paramount.

With the ability to produce 22kg of high quality crystal clear ice every 24 hours, the Polar Spray Ice Maker (GL193) is made from strong stainless steel – making it both highly durable and easy to clean.

The unit also boasts a manual self-cleaning cycle – great for busy establishments looking for a reliable and efficient ice machine that will see them through this summer season and beyond.

Both models are supplied with a scoop and a mains water connection kit.




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