Poorly designed drainage turns kitchens into danger zones

ACO Building Drainage has launched a ‘Get More From Your Floor’ campaign to raise awareness for the impact that poorly designed and incompatible flooring and drainage can have on health, safety and hygiene in commercial kitchens.

Underlining its commitment to raising the profile of drainage and its impact on the performance of a commercial kitchen, the campaign includes an educational ‘Get More From Your Floor’ video animation which highlights the key issues caused by incompatible drainage and flooring systems.

The company will also be collaborating with a range of academic, professional and commercial partners to help raise awareness for the issues.

Andy Buchan, divisional managing director of ACO Building Drainage, said: “We understand the importance of drainage design when it comes to food hygiene, public health and ultimately the success of any business operating in the foodservice and commercial kitchen sector.

“When it comes to hygiene, every piece of equipment specified has an impact on hygienic performance. Drainage and flooring are key elements and their design and compatibility with one another should be considered early on in the specification process. However, all too often they’re considered as an afterthought. Our ‘Get More From Your Floor’ campaign highlights the issues associated with doing this which include an increased risk of bacterial contamination, the accumulation of contaminated liquids in the kitchen area and the potential for cracks to appear in the flooring, something which can make effective cleaning impossible.”

Buchan also noted that employee health and safety also benefits from a well designed drainage and flooring system as it removes a significant slip hazard – standing water and other liquid – from busy areas, reducing the chances of a slip-related injury occurring.

ACO Building Drainage manufactures a range of drainage systems and grease traps for use in commercial kitchens. Through its ‘HygieneFirst’ approach, the company applies the same design standards to drainage as the industry does to food contact surfaces.




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