QSR with ‘gastro pub’ intentions uses tech to get diners talking

Fast food restaurant Stampede is bidding to disrupt the sector after launching at Lakeside Shopping Centre with digital screens featuring content by specialist digital and music consultancy Kaleidovision.

The screens show off a series of photos of the food on offer, plus animation layered on top to create a sense of interest and movement, alongside the menu, prices, and a rolling-display of the eye-catching ‘bull’ themed logo on a magenta background.

The “striking display” is to attract customers and reflect the brand’s sense of fun.

The use of animated digital screens set at different heights in the fast food sector is unusual and their introduction at Stampede will help it stand out from the herd, according to the company.

It sells charcoal grilled wings, ribs and burgers but promises to offer “gastro pub” quality food.

“I knew digital screens would work brilliantly with this brand and got in touch with Kaleidovision having been impressed by their work before,” said Stampede director Grant Targett-Navarro. “We needed help standing out in a busy food court and Kaleidovision has really helped us to do just that. Our aim with Stampede is to produce gastro quality food in the fast food sector to stir the sector up a bit. And the digital screens reflect that bid to do things differently.”

Set at different heights, the screens show images of the food on offer, the menu and prices. Kaleidovision created engaging animations, such as icing sugar being sprinkled on to a pudding and steam coming off the hot food, to draw people’s attention to the screens.

After 25 seconds the product animations all change simultaneously, the Stampede logo of a metal bull appears and then the cycle repeats.

Every 15 minutes an image of a cow, a pig and a chicken appear spinning on the screens, imitating a fruit machine.

The team sequenced the content, considering how long customers would need to read the menu and prices before the animations begin, so that it reflected that sense of fun.

Kaleidovision MD, Andy Pitman, said: “It was an opportunity to disrupt the norm in the fast food sector. We wanted the screens to have a big impact and look different, but we also wanted to include an element of fun with the sting and the animations.

“Stampede has a bit of swagger about it and the digital screens reflect that brand. You can really see that attitude coming through in the way we designed the content. As this was in a food court we thought the movement on the digital screens would really help to attract the attention of shoppers.”




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