Scotsman checks in with ice machine for hotel buyers

Catering equipment manufacturer Scotsman has unveiled a new self-service ice machine aimed at hotel group buyers.

Sold through UK distribution partner Hubbard Systems, the DXG35 ice dispenser is designed to deliver the ideal self-serve ice provision in hotels while making superior ice cubes in the form of crystal clear, long lasting gourmet supercubes.

a7f795f428758a11_orgThe DXG35 can produce up to 30kg of ice per day – the equivalent of 1500 x 20g supercube ice cubes – and has an 11kg storage bin, allowing it to cope easily with peaks in demand.

Simple electromechanical controls ensure reliability and consistent production. Guests simply place their glass in the dispensing area and push the button. The system automatically dispenses the cubes, minimising handling.

The DXG35 operates quietly even during the ice harvest cycle, thanks to a new design of internal deflector that minimises noise caused by cubes dropping into the storage bin. Scotsman says the unit can be sited in lobbies, lounges or hotel bedroom corridors. The list price for the DXG35 is £ £4,238.




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