Scotsman rolls the dice with Prodigy ice makers

Ice maker manufacturer Scotsman is reaching out to the pub, bar and nightclub circuit with its series of Prodigy ice machines, which offer operators a steady supply of high quality ice.

The undercounter Prodigy units, which are sold into the UK market by distributor Hubbard Systems, produce dice ice cubes, which are ideal for using in all kinds of drinks year round.

The Prodigy icemakers are built to cope with fluctuating temperatures, while an adaptive cycle control fine-tunes the machine functions for best performance and top quality ice cubes at all times.

The machines are self-monitoring and a ‘clean me’ light indicates when it is time to perform routine maintenance or to call for a service engineer.

Scotsman’s ‘watersense’ technology adapts to the local conditions of water hardness and reduces scale build-up, keeping the machine cleaner for longer. Meanwhile an energy-saving system optimises the efficiency of ice production and reduces operating costs.

There are two models in the range. The smaller CU2026, which is 660mm wide and 838mm high, has an ice production rate of 90kg of ice in 24 hours, while the larger CU3030 unit (762mm wide but the same width) produces 130kg of ice. The machines have storage bins that hold 36kg and 50kg of ice respectively.




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