Sirman unveils blast chiller for small kitchens

A new blast chiller from foodservice equipment brand Sirman that is specifically geared towards compact kitchens is being introduced to the UK market.

Many kitchens are unable to use blast chilling techniques due to machines being bulky and expensive, according to Sirman. But it claims its small Dolomiti 2/3 blast chiller overcomes the size problem and will still leave customers with change in their pocket.

The Dolomiti 2/3 measures 640mm x 630mm x 400mm, but is capable of chilling 8kg of food to +3°C in 90 minutes, or shock freeze 5kg to -20°C in 240 minutes.

Its 29 litre capacity houses three 2/3 gastronorm shelves, while the internal temperature can be adjusted manually or controlled via a supplied core temperature probe. The rugged all-stainless steel construction is easy to clean while a heated door gasket prevents sticking and clogging. The model has a list price of £2,770.

Sirman’s UK distributor FEM supplies a choice of Dolomiti models ranging in sizes up to 282 litre capacity, all with a full one-year parts and labour warranty.

Blast chillers use fiercely-driven cold air to rapidly pull down the temperature of hot food so it can be safely stored in either chilled or frozen form for future re-heating.




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