Soaring sales of pizza ovens fuel supplier’s quest to plug market gap

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A supplier of sustainable fuel for commercial restaurant ovens has extended its product range in direct response to the growth of the UK’s pizza chain market.

Big K Products UK, which provides specialist wood and charcoal fuels, has launched a product called Forno, which has been created specifically for pizza ovens.

Director Mike Theodorou insists that with more operators getting into the pizza market, there is a greater need for product which creates a long-lasting top flame and high heat output, and that offers low ash and low moisture.

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“As the pizza oven market has developed and moved from traditional independent operators to multi-site national operators we saw increased demand for an easy to use product,” he said. “Big K Forno has been developed in the UK to fill this gap in the market and we are convinced that this is one of the best-performing compressed wood products in the market.”

Big K was the first UK-based company to produce kiln dry wood logs for the developing pizza oven market in commercial quantities approximately 18 years ago. All its wood is from ethically-sourced UK woodlands and is fully sustainable.

Forno is 100% natural hardwood saw dust, compressed using a specialist press so that it doesn’t expand and break up into a pile of burning ash. The logs are octagonal to eliminate rolling and make stacking more stable in the oven, and there is a hole in the middle to help the lighting process and create a stable burn throughout.

Big K UK is making the product available in 17kg packs, each containing 10 logs.




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